Austin Robinson – Graphic Designer

Hello! I am a multidisciplinary designer focused on creating quality product experiences

I have years of experience in multiple areas of design working in industries such as tech, gaming, and apparel

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Web & UI Design

I have 5 years of experience creating websites and apps for companies to solve problems in elegant ways


The first design skill I learned. I have been creating logos and graphic assets for 9 years


Coding websites is the newest skill I've learned. Now I can create complex custom websites from scratch


A hobby of mine that recently turned into a legitimate skill. It's still (mostly) a hobby though

spring 2018

Island Party

ROLE: marketing director

I played a huge part in reinventing the look for Island Party and ensuring success for years to come by creating a sustainable brand

Skills: Web design & Development, branding
Fall 2016


ROLE: lead designer

My main focus with Gamurs was to bring them a unified design style for the brand that connected all of the sports they cover

Skills: graphic design, Brand Management
Spring 2015


ROLE: freelance

The largest client I have ever worked with, Pumpco was a trial by fire that allowed me to grow tremendously

Skills: Branding
winter 2017

Texas A&M Basketball

ROLE: lead designer

Texas A&M Basketball was in sore need of a look to define the season and the program. It was my job to lead the effort to create that look

Skills: graphic design, Brand Management
summer 2017

Valley Productions

ROLE: freelance

My goal for Valley Productions was to create a brand and website that felt reputable from its inception

Skills: branding, web Design & Development
fall 2017

Kick In For Houston

ROLE: freelance

Kick In For Houston was a charity project with many moving pieces, and helped me learn much about communication

Skills: Web Design & Development


If you want to see some of my photography work, go to my photo blog

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